Thursday, March 30, 2017

water and broken glass

It has been a strange return to Vancouver. We walked into the apartment around 1:00 am after uneventful flights from Puerto Vallarta. It seemed strange that there was no mail on the floor after being away for two months. This building has door to door delivery to each unit. In the bedroom there were boxes on the floor and things on the bed. All of the mail was on the kitchen table. My immediate thought was that our host's sister had visited and I wondered why she hadn't sent me a message...strange! Then I noticed that part of the bedroom closet flooring had been lifted and the floor underneath was wet. I finally started to figure out what we were seeing....another leak!

After a short sleep we talked to the building manager who explained that the latest rainfall had resulted in a leak under the penthouse outside decking and into the bedroom closet. From there it had dripped/poured down into the ceiling below. The manager arrived with a repair person and they lifted the decking to discover that a 4"-5" deep pool of water had collected against the building. They also found that there is no drainage on the deck!!

Later we went down to the garage to start our car and found the front passenger window had been smashed and the car battery was dead. Nothing had been stolen. We cleaned up the broken glass and made arrangements for a replacement window next week.

BCAA will not send out a truck to charge our battery unless the car is insured for the road. It is currently just insured for storage with a $300 deductible. The window replacement is $292...just below the deductible. The cost of insuring the car for the road is another $96 for 3 days of coverage. There might not be a drain for the water on the deck but there is definitely a drain for our bank account!

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