Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Adrian visits again!

Adrian came for another visit...arriving on Monday after work and leaving this afternoon. Yesterday we discovered two Thrift shops in town and brought treasures home for all of us...books, tapes, a hat, shirts and a special "counter" for keeping track of pool game scores.The puppies accompanied us on our walkabout.

Adrian whispered in her ear. 
Will she answer?

Last night's full moon.

In the evening we cooked up a delicious Thai Coconut soup package. Prawns, coconut milk, bok choy and yogurt were added to the pre-packaged ingredients. It was delicious!!...and there's enough left over for tonight's dinner! The full moon appeared as we were finishing our meal.

A cribbage threesome followed our meal before we settled down to watch "Blackfish", a sad tale of whales in captivity. Why was it ever a good idea to use these wonderful creatures for entertainment and monetary gain?!

Before Adrian left today he prepared a tasty brunch for us...halibut cakes, poached eggs, fried potatoes & carrots with a small side salad of kale, avocado, tomato and parmesan.


It has been great to have family visits during our house sitting gig in Gibsons. Everyone has enjoyed the tranquility of this area and the welcoming feel of Shelly's home. We are privileged to share her home, to meet the neighbours, to receive loving attention from her pups and to see the beauty of this corner of our country. Thank you.

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