Sunday, March 6, 2016

Today's walk

Another walk along English Bay this morning
with Heather, Chris and Augie.
The weather wasn't as cooperative as yesterday but the air was crisp and refreshing!

It's always more fun to walk on the logs!

The Laughing Men didn't mind a bit of rain!

After working up an appetite we shared a delicious brunch at Village Bistro on Davie Street. They specialize in  a "made from scratch" menu. John inhaled a Perogie Hash that included homemade perogies, Ukrainian sausage, poached eggs and smashed potatoes. My dish of Classic Eggs Benny was very tasty. Heather savoured a Croissant French Toast with caramelized apple slices and Chris attacked the BIG BREAKFAST with 3 eggs and a plate full of bacon, potatoes, etc. Augie had a chuckle when he "snitched" a piece of toast from his Papa's plate!

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