Thursday, March 10, 2016

Vancouver Art Gallery & more

On International Women's Day I did a leisurely tour of the Art Gallery. The current exhibition, MASHUP, is intended to reflect "The Birth of Modern Culture" and includes pieces from Picasso, Braque and Warhol. ..371 artworks by 156 artists are on display.

On the fourth floor the curators credit Picasso and Braque with creating a shift in the art world when they began the process of collaging. Hannah Hoch's works are very interesting. Andy Warhol is given a large area on the third floor. Content on the lower two floors didn't hold my interest so it was time to walk down Georgia Street to the Gallery's Offsite artwork.

It looked like Spring outside but it still felt like Winter!

This 18 meter (collage) banner by Elizabeth Zvonar
is set behind a reflecting pool.
Offsite is funded by the City of Vancouver through their Public Art Program.

Dal Richards is the charismatic star of this tile mosaic. 
Known as “Dr. Swing”, Dal’s big band music enriched the Vancouver 
music scene for over 60 years. His Orchestra performed five nights a week 
for 25 years at the Hotel Vancouver, with Saturday night performances 
broadcast live on CBC National Radio. 

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