Friday, March 25, 2016

Goodbye to Gibsons

Our time in Gibsons is drawing to a close. We have never tired of the view from this home...watching the ferries coming and going... the sun rising and setting...the mountains peaking and disappearing between clouds and mist.

Daily walks with the pups have introduced us to their world and the neighbours around us. We  witnessed absolute fear when we met a massive Newfoundlander  this morning...a gentle giant that must have presented an overwhelming threat to the two little dogs on our leashes. Boomer wrapped his leash so tightly around my legs that he almost cut off my circulation. Then the BIG dog approached for a pat and everything calmed down.They did the usual "bum sniff" and nonchalantly moved on.

One day the two pups set up a barking frenzy when they saw a large German Shepherd. Their noise must have triggered something in the bigger dog because he charged for Boomer. Thank God for those harnesses because I pulled on the leash, lifting Boomer off his feet and threw him behind me while the owner of the other dog wrestled him to the ground and pinned him down with a knee to his neck!!! Whew!!!Since that incident they are never off-leash until we arrive at the bottom of the driveway and they are released for the climb back up to the house.

It is a laid back life here...filled with friendly people. On our walks we are greeted with "Oh! You must be staying at Shelly's." ...or..."Is that Boomer and Bella?" Even the ducks on the foreshore seem to know us and sidle out of the way without panic. Richard, the unofficial mayor of Hopkins Landing, carries dog treats for all of the pups he meets on his morning walks...even though he doesn't have a dog!

Tomorrow we will board the ferry for a trip back to Horseshoe Bay and drive to North Vancouver where we will leave the pups at Shelly's daughter's house to wait for their Mum's return from PV later in the day. They will welcome her very excitedly and immediately forget about the two strangers who filled in during her absence.

It was fun!! We enjoyed every minute.

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