Monday, March 7, 2016


OMG! Could the pedometer be right?...11km!!!

Our day started out quite normally...a walk over to Breka for morning coffee. We were earlier than usual and the place was packed so we decided to walk to their other downtown location at Bute near Robson. After fuelling ourselves we searched for the CIBC on Georgia Street in order to reset my PIN. This credit card is my backup card for travels and is used once every five years...maybe! The process was easy...took 10 seconds.

Then we had to find a BMO location for John to reset the PIN for his backup travel card. Unfortunately we didn't understand the process and thought that his PIN was fine...until he tried to use the card for payment of medications at Shoppers Drug Mart.

After returning to the apartment John contacted BMO and learned that there is a "procedures" option at the ATM that leads you to resetting a PIN. So, checking online for BMO locations, we discovered one at 1041 Davie Street. Trekking over there, we found a Safeway store that used to be home to a BMO longer in service!!

I remembered that there was a location on Denman Street so we finally found the Bank. With a little help from the staff we managed to get everything done.

After another fuelling stop for tea and coffee we retraced our steps back to the apartment....11km!!!

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