Saturday, March 19, 2016

The $300 chocolate bar

When we heard that our daughter and family were arriving on the 9:30am ferry from Horseshoe Bay we decided to pick up groceries before they arrived. The dogs were used to being left at home. They had their morning walk and their breakfast before we headed to the Super Valu. About 40 minutes later we returned to find lentils and shredded papers scattered across the kitchen floor.

Our bag of miscellaneous grocery items had been sitting in a corner of the kitchen for one week, since we arrived. There was nothing in the bag to attract the puppies...canned salmon, coffee, lentils, oatmeal and....OMG...I had forgotten a small piece of chocolate bar in the bottom of the bag. The wrapper was laying among the shredded remnants of their rampage! "Chocolate is poison to dogs" rang through my head. "We have to call the Vet right away!"

"This is an emergency!" was the Vet's response so we headed to the clinic right away with two dogs that exhibited no signs of poisoning. The Vet examined them and said that he wanted to force the pups to vomit for evidence of the crime. He took Boomer first because I suspected that he was the culprit and returned 5 minutes later with a pan of vomit that exhibited no signs of chocolate. Next was little Bella who resisted the first injection of "forced barf" and had to have a second injection before she produced the chocolate streaked proof.

I waited for about one hour with a semi-comatose Boomer on my lap, recovering from the narcotic that had purged his system. Finally they brought Bella back after forcing her to ingest a dose of charcoal to absorb the balance of the chocolate poisoning. They were both quite docile on the way home but leapt out of the car and bounded up the stairs when we got home.

That was the most expensive piece of chocolate that I have ever "not eaten"!

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