Saturday, February 27, 2016

Back in Vancouver

We are back in Vancouver! When our heads hit the pillow we realized that it was 3:00am (Puerto Vallarta time). When we rousted ourselves from bed we realized that the building manager had not left the key & fob for entry to the garage where our car is parked. Arrangements had been made with her to leave them on the kitchen table. What a quandary! All of our Vancouver clothing was in the trunk of the car and it was not a warm enough day to wander around in light PV clothes. We knocked on her answer. So...with John layered in t-shirts and with me in a borrowed fleecy from our host's closet on top of capris and t-shirt we wandered in search of coffee.

Enroute we passed several newly arrived refugees hanging around outside a nearby hotel. While enjoying our coffee we watched as a young boy approached the street corner. He appeared to be alone. Two women stopped and talked with him, returning with him to his father. When they entered the cafe we chatted with them. They were from Lebanon and have lived in Vancouver for 44 years. Fortunately they were able to speak Arabic and assist the father and son. We shared an interesting discussion about Lebanon, Syria and Greece.

On our return the building manager was waiting with the key and fob so we hauled all the stuff out of the car...up to the apartment and switched into appropriate clothes.

Before John's nap time we rehung the draperies in the bedroom and reorganized our things. Tonight we are having dinner with family before collapsing into bed again. I think tomorrow will be a day of recovery as my head cold is full blown and the time changes that accompany travel tend to sap our energy.

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