Monday, February 8, 2016

Music and a mess

What a day we had today!...up at 3:45am to take our hosts to the airport for their trip to the Yucatan. Back in bed by 5:45am for a short snooze then off to town for our usual coffee stop. Decided to park the vehicle in Mismaloya village and take the bus into town...worst bus ride we have had so far. The driver didn't slow for any of the 20 speed bumps along the way!!

On the return trip we had the pleasure of listening to a young couple perform songs on the bus. They were the best buskers we have heard...their songs were full of energy and fun!

I had never seen this type of keyboard that he played like bagpipes,
blowing into the instrument while playing the keyboard.

Back at the condo we were surprised to find the patio floor jackhammered open again exposing yet another leak...or maybe the same one...who knows?!! We would appreciate having someone explain in advance that there will be work taking place. The owner speaks perfect English but never bothers to visit the condo and advise the tenants of any disruptions or loss of water.

The mess at 12:30pm when the repair guy disappeared.

The mess at sign of the repair guy.
Leakage onto the floor below will be a lake by morning!

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