Friday, February 12, 2016

Isabelle and Juan Carlos

The leakage mess was eventually cleaned up and retiled. You would never know that anything happened.

Our maid, Isabelle, is busy in the condo twice a week...washing, wiping and changing the sheets. At home the sheets were never changed that frequently! So...I have tried to hold onto the sheets that actually fit the bed (most don't) for an entire week! Everything is cleaned with a cloth...cushions, carpets, couches, counters...even windows. The result is that nothing is really "cleaned". Everything is dusted or flicked!

I learned this morning that Isabelle is the mother of two young children. She doesn't look a minute older than nineteen! She made it clear that two children were enough...finito! I told her that we had four children and we were also finito! She laughed!

The other employee, Juan Carlos, is a handyman. He doesn't appear to be older than sixteen years but is in charge of pool maintenance, toilet repairs, water delivery and general maintenance. It is important to check the dipping pool before submerging because he will throw a load of chlorine crystals into the pool that take at least two days to dissolve! Meanwhile my bathing suit is slowly disintegrating and my skin is revolting from daily floats!

I suggested that they hug each other and the result was extreme embarrassment!
Instead they just moved closer together.

We are very happy to be spending time in this country of smiling faces and friendly people. 
Mexicans are gracious, accommodating and sweet!

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