Thursday, February 4, 2016

The gym and a float

John has signed up for three sessions a week with Tito, his personal trainer, at the gym. This leaves me with plenty of time to wander the streets of PV in search of photos and bargains. I dropped into Page in the Sun to find reading material this morning and came away with "Keeping Faith" by Jodi Picoult. I have enjoyed other books by this author so hopefully this one will be a good read.

These three images caught my eye alongside one of many VW bugs.

Across the street I discovered the Starving Artist Studio Gallery.

Coca Cola delivered to your door in a cooler on the back of a bike.

Do you want to eat in this restaurant?
That's the menu that he's holding in his bony hand!

Every afternoon I launch a thick floating mat in the dipping pool and hoist my body onboard for a 1/2 hour float in the sun. I lay on my back and watch the birds soaring overhead and the butterflies flitting between trumpet flowers. The sky is always a deep blue. The temperature is always warm. Sometimes there is music from the beach below or chatter from the maids but usually it is relaxing and quiet...and John naps, recovering from his training session at the gym.

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