Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine dinner

For Valentine's dinner we decided to drive down the hill to a small restaurant on the highway. Unfortunately, we discovered that it is closed on Sundays. Faced with a choice between driving back up the hill and prepping a meal...or...driving into PV to find a restaurant with an empty table...we opted to drive into town. I swore that I would not drive that road at night...but...I also swore that I wasn't going to make dinner on Valentine's Day.

El Brujo, our restaurant of choice in PV had about 20 people waiting outside for tables so we wandered down the street and found Casa Naranjo, an upscale restaurant with several empty tables. The food was designer-ish (i.e.) small overpriced portions, the service was excellent and the margaritas were minuscule. So, Instead of enjoying an inexpensive meal in a roadside diner we emptied our wallets!!

The chef created very artistic presentations of our food
which included the addition of pureed cauliflower,
a streak of beige across the plate!

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