Saturday, February 6, 2016

Seared tuna and a mess!

Last night we wandered through several downtown galleries before heading to a restaurant that had been recommended...Martini en Fuente. This place was originally in Mismaloya and just moved into PV last year. It is a small, quaint Mexican restaurant owned by chef Roberto who employs Carlos, a very friendly server. A guitarist played soft Mexican tunes in the background while we enjoyed seared tuna steaks with a balsamic reduction sauce. Delicious!!

This morning I went in search of another cafe/bookstore that I discovered the other day. It had disappeared! Often these small places close on the weekends so I'll look again next week. Enroute I found the following images.

The cantaloupe wheelbarrow.

A traditional greeter.

Embellished garage door.

We also stopped at Dee's Cafe for our morning ritual of coffee, tea, scone & banana chocolate muffin.

Dee's days start at 4:00am.

Dee's equipment...she makes everything from scratch including cookies, scones,
muffins, breads, cinnammon buns, apple cake. It is all amazing!!

We returned to the condo to discover that a guy was drilling (jackhammering) the patio tiles because of a leak in the hot water pipes that feed the entire building. Of course there was no warning that our lives would be disrupted today by noise and mess.

Just after I captured this reflection of him, he drilled through
the hot water pipe and there was water everywhere!
The result is that there is no water anywhere in the building!

This is just a small portion of the mess!

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