Saturday, February 13, 2016

Bus trips and market

Last night we drove down to Mismaloya village and parked the car before boarding a bus into PV to meet friends for dinner. I refuse to drive the road at night. There are no street lights on the route and my night vision is not what it used to be. The bus held about 65 people by the time we reached town at 6:30pm full of Mexicans who had finished their work day in Mismaloya.

Our dinner at Basilio was delicious and we caught up on the lives of our friends who have been homeless for almost 3 at their daughters' homes and visiting between friends on both coasts of the USA. They finally decided to put down roots in Olympia Washington, near a daughter's home and have started construction on a small house. We learned that living out of suitcases is not their idea of how they want to live the rest of their lives. I wonder how long we'll last?!

The return bus trip to Mismaloya was just as packed. Passengers were standing in the wheel well until about halfway back. This time it was an equal mix of gringos and Mexicans. It costs eight pesos (60 cents) for the trip versus about 200 pesos ($15) for a taxi.

This morning Isabelle, our maid, brought us cupcakes for St. Valentines Day.

I didn't realize that the sprinkles were heart shaped until I looked at the photo!
We have to save two of these delicacies for the guys when they return on Tuesday...hah!

During a brief visit to the Saturday market 
we discovered creative "rainbow" bagels!
I wonder what purple tastes like??

The line ups for all three bakeries at the market were at least 50-60 people long...maybe 70 people in the bagel line. I overheard one woman commenting "Oh! look at the donuts!" The breads are all amazing but we are still trying to avoid breads and pastas so I walked past very quickly and headed to Dee's for a coffee and muffin! Made sense to me!

I love these beaded necklaces made by a young local woman.
Each bead is meticulously strung in her creations.
The cost is 1400 pesos (about $100) each.

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