Thursday, February 9, 2017

20 month dry spell

Off to town today. John will work on strengthening his muscles at the gym while I pound the pavement in an attempt to stay"heart healthy".

I have tackled a new canvas which has resulted in awkward results... so the afternoon will be spent correcting or obliterating yesterday's colours and shapes. This is what happens when a person doesn't lift a paint brush for 20 months!!! OMG!!

I knew that it had been a long time but 20 months seems incredible. Then I started to think about everything that we have done in that 20 month period! Held a solo exhibition in June 2015, sold our home at the end of November 2015, transitioned to a gypsy life, made two trips to Greece(2 months each) and toured the Balkans, flew twice to Mexico for two month visits, in between we have inhabited our friends' apartment in Vancouver and my sister's extra bedroom in Cloverdale. There has not been a sustained calm period that has prompted me to ponder new creations or to lift a paint brush. It has been a "gypsy-life experience" with two suitcases and a car trunk load of miscellaneous stuff! I will experiment with a new style on elongated horizontal canvases. Magic might happen!

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