Tuesday, February 7, 2017

I love the bus!

I love riding the bus from Mismaloya into Puerto Vallarta. Early this morning we were the only gringos in a busload of Mexicans on their way to work. The driver of our ancient carriage was very skilled at navigating the 18 sets of "topes" (speed bumps) that line the route to discourage speeding.
The seats were slippery and we had to reposition ourselves with every bump along the way. After we disembarked, it took a short walk to adjust our bones back to where they felt comfortable again!

The driver has applied silver paint to his dashboard and cashbox.
He drives, shifts gears and makes change for the passengers.

Sitting outside at Dee's Cafe we savoured her handmade scones which are reminiscent of the way baked goods used to taste before they were mass produced and wrapped in cellophane...delicious!

A new bike rack on display across from Dee's.

On my morning walk I spotted a Magnificent Frigatebird 
with his red sac exposed to attract females that were perched nearby.

On the return trip to Mismaloya we had the same bus & driver with the added enjoyment of a young singer and guitarist onboard. He serenaded the passengers with one Spanish song and two songs in tortured English. I think that everyone was relieved when he left the bus.

Since we don't board the bus at a regular stop we have to wave wildly for the driver to stop and pick us up. On the return trip it is even trickier because if we don't stand up in time and ask him to stop we could end up half a mile past the house. The trip costs fifty cents each way and is always guaranteed to provide entertainment!

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