Saturday, February 18, 2017

More about buses

The bus system in Puerto Vallarta is quite simple. You pay the driver when you board...7.5 pesos for blue or green buses inside the city/ 8 pesos for orange buses to Mismaloya or Boca). It doesn't matter whether you are going to the end of the route or just one stop...the fare is the same. There are NO transfers from bus to bus. If you disembark and want to board another pay again!

The city buses have a listing of destinations on the windshield.

There are some newer buses on the streets
but there are also a lot of older ones.

You should feel perfectly safe because the driver and his passengers
are protected by at least one cross and a favourite Saint
hanging inside above the dashboard!

Animals are not allowed onboard
but screaming children are encouraged!

The orange buses to Mismaloya and Boca offer the fullest range of entertainment. Heading south there is often a musician or two or three onboard to regale passengers with a couple of songs. There are also the tourists who are uncertain about where to disembark so they tend to huddle at the front, blocking the aisle for others. Then there is one gringo who clutches an unfinished beer that he refused to throw away. Most passengers opt to leave by the front doors so there is a constant jostling of positions and smack to the head with backpacks and over-the-shoulder beach bags that must hold 12 packs of beer or 50 pounds of groceries!

It is an adventure each time...and I love it!

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