Friday, February 3, 2017

A lazy Friday

Two more guests arrived yesterday so we have a full house for three nights before they head south to an Eco-Reserve site where they will be "roughing it" for one week in a doors, windows or hot water! Should be a challenging experience for them.

We decided to have a laid back day trip into PV...just whale watching, reading and writing. The other guests are in charge of dinner prep (I cooked last night) so we will just laze around the property in various locations until the cocktail hour.

Due to a snowfall in the Vancouver area I have had requests for sunny photos!! Not sure whether that makes you feel happier to know that we are here and you are not...but...!

This is where we love to sit in the mornings
and in the cocktail hour!

One of the "protected" trees on the property.
It is a resting spot for birds of every size and colour.

New Puerto Vallarta letters painted by children.

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