Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday morning in town

It has been an interesting week! Trotting to the toilet and laying on the bed has occupied my time. Today we both hopped on the bus into town to meet our "No Trump Zone" companions for morning coffee. There were tales of suffering with the flu and colds. Most of the group had battled with some type of bug since we saw them last week but we were still united in coming together to present a photographic moment for supportive passersby.

The group includes Americans from several states: Texas, Illinois, N. Carolina, New York, California,  Connecticut, DC. They all have different stories about the changes that are taking place in their corner of the USA.

On our walk later we encountered many supporters (Mexican and gringos)who applauded the t-shirts and stopped us to share their displeasure with American politics.

There are several suspension bridges over the Rio Cuale river in PV.
This morning we challenged our balance on rickety legs
and successfully traversed two of them!

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