Sunday, February 19, 2017

El Rio and rain

Last night we drove out to El Rio for an outdoor dinner concert. Samira, a Tina Turner impersonator from Vancouver, entertained us for over an hour. She had a strong voice, similar to Tina's, but her movements weren't quite right.

It was an eventful evening because the restaurant was enduring a power outage and the skies started to spit rain. At one point there was a double rainbow as the weather tried to decide whether to pour or sprinkle on us. After a brief rain shower we returned to our table and dragged it under a canopy. Waiters finally arrived with our drinks and we placed orders for our meal. Meanwhile the sky darkened. By 8pm our dinner arrived and we ate in the dark, identifying the BBQ ribs by feel! I think there was potato salad on the plate but I am not positive!

Fortunately the restaurant had purchased a generator so they were able to provide lighting and sound for the show. The kitchen and bar struggled to serve food and drinks.

By 9:30pm, at the end of the show, the power returned and half of the audience was scrambling to catch the last return bus to town.

It rained overnight, drenching everything and cleaning the air.

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