Sunday, February 12, 2017

Music, yoga and ribs

The people up the hill were sharing their taste in music with the rest of us yesterday evening. It was extremely disturbing! I retreated to our bedroom, closed the doors and muted the assault. We finally left for town and a delicious dinner at El Brujo followed by ice cream at Lix.

Ungainly Chachalacas were chomping on yellow flowers in the trees this afternoon while yellow breasted Kiskadees took turns swooping into the pool for their evening dip. Pelicans soared past in "air force" formation and swallows made their nightly visit to a pool on the hill. A hummingbird flew into the living room and found itself stuck behind the track for sliding glass doors. It finally managed to fly free and we all applauded.

An early morning yoga class (26 participants) on the Malecon.

Tonight we drove to El Rio to enjoy a dinner of beef ribs before taking friends to the airport for their return flight to Vancouver....such delicious ribs!!!

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