Friday, April 21, 2017

Doc film and basketball

There is a small Documentary Film Festival held each spring in Vroutsi, a tiny community on the south end of Amorgos. On Wednesday evening we joined a group of 30 people to watch a Greek film. Without subtitles it was a challenge to decipher much of the dialogue but it was visually interesting.

When we returned to Chora, starving, our choices were limited...our kitchen cupboard did not hold anything interesting so we walked up to Parvas. Several men were totally enthralled with a basketball game on the taverna's  TV. We pulled up chairs and ordered our meal.


For two hours the television screen alternated between basketball and soccer, more men arrived as we listened to their cheers and boos! I am not sure whether most homes don't have televisions or if this is part of the villagers' communal experience. They all seem to know the players, trainers and coaches by name and reserve the right to offer criticisms constantly if their team is not handling the ball as they should!

Yesterday I made arrangements to have Greek lessons with Penelope and also discovered Duolingo online. The online lessons reminded me of the vocabulary that I had picked up over the years. There were several unusual words that the site expected me to know (ie) Greek for buffalo...not a common word in Greece!


The fields of wildflowers continue to bloom.

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