Friday, April 14, 2017

We're here!

I am having problems with syncing my photos to the blog. It will take some time for me to figure it out after the jet lag subsides.

Our trip was relatively uneventful but long...four segments with three airlines...Westjet, British Air and Lufthansa. The only real confusion was at London Heathrow where we had to change terminals, exit through passport control and find departures to check into the next leg to Frankfurt. We received meals of varying quality on each flight and plenty of water.

Arriving in Athens at 12:30am, we took a taxi to our hotel in city centre. There is a set price for taxis now between the city and the airport...38 euros for a daytime trip and 54 euros for a trip between midnight and 5:00am. At the hotel we were greeted by the night attendant with welcome hugs for "Mr. Maxwell and Mrs. Linda". He has welcomed us on many arrivals. Our heads were finally on pillows at 2:00am (4:00pm on Wednesday in Vancouver) after being awake (most of the time) for 34 hours!!

Our eyes popped open around 10am on Thursday morning and we were ready to find some breakfast. Enroute we stopped to say hello to Andronikos in his shop and after eating we returned for a longer visit. His winter travels included a trip to Peru and Bolivia so we heard some of his stories from the travels. We also viewed his latest jewelry creations that use the theme of " balance"... beautiful work.

Before long we were in another taxi to the port of Piraeus for our 10 hour voyage to Amorgos. Fortunately, back in December, I had booked a cabin onboard. By the time we pulled out of port there was not one empty seat on the entire ship...and it is large! Everyone was returning to the islands for Easter celebrations. We managed a couple of hours sleep and relaxed away from the noise and crush of bodies!

There was a rental car waiting for us in the port of Aegiali at 2:30am and we managed the half hour drive to Chora goats on the road! After carrying our bags to the apartment John suggested that we see what was happening at Jazzmin Cafe Bar. Hmmmh!

Many hugs and kisses later...and treated like visiting royalty...we shared some wine and grilled cheese sandwiches, heard some stories, shared more hugs and kisses and finally wandered down the pathway to our Amorgian home at 5:00am! Yikes!...but we weren't tired...fully energized we decided to watch the sunrise at 7:00am. Once again our heads were on pillows at 7:30am...until 2:00pm when we realized that we hadn't seen our daytime to Jazzmin for more hugs and kisses and a late breakfast omelet.

Dragging ourselves away from Jazzmin around 5:00pm we found Anna and Penelope at Bayoko for a good visit but our energy level was starting to drop. Time to pick up groceries and enjoy a bowl of porridge for dinner before sharing a rational moment. Maybe we should go to bed instead of joining the young ones for tonight's activities. In the past 63 hours we have managed 11 hours of sleep. Time to say good night!

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