Sunday, April 23, 2017


The weather has been extremely cold, more light rain and wind yesterday It is a struggle to stay warm. Mata finally loaned me a coat to wear over my four layers of summer clothing. The overnight temperature felt like about eight degrees.

I met with Penelope for my first Greek lesson yesterday afternoon. Old brains seem to resist any additional effort to learn something new! It was a good start (not the first time that I have attempted to learn this language) and I promised to use Greek whenever possible during the next few days. Current reading is a children's book...Greek version of Peter Pan.

We woke up this morning to sunshine...OMG! It feels so good! Everyone is smiling! Junior arrived, Elena appeared, Buket shared Turkish coffee with us at her Chora home around noon.

The Icon is enroute back to the Monastery after an Easter week of touring the island. Islanders were dressed in their finery this morning for a final church service. Island life will return to normal tomorrow with children returning to school.

Loukas' little cow welcomes visitors at our door!

We watched a documentary tonight at the Film Festival about the aftermath of the ISIS invasion in Sinjar, the home of many Yazidis (Kurds). Forced to evacuate from their homes, many of their daughters and children were held captive by ISIS and never returned to their families. The film was in Arabic with Greek subtitles but we were able to understand the horror inflicted on these people.

We drowned our sorrowful feelings in raki and calamari after the film. Our host had his " name day" today ...George or Yorgos...and offered us cake with sweet raki before leaving.

The little cow had disappeared into Loukas' arms when we returned!

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