Friday, April 28, 2017

The music of languages and children

We are surrounded by the music of languages...Greek, Turkish, Dutch, German, French and far!

Children are the centre of everyone's attention.

Carmen, Loukas' mother, is always laughing!
Meanwhile Yorgos wants to take Loukas' cookie!

The electricity was off this morning so we had to wait at Jazzmin while coffees were made on a small camp style gas burner. The children entertained each other and us. The weather has turned suddenly from winter to summer. It is a a hot day...perfect for swimming but I am going to find a quiet spot in the village to sit and draw while John has a nap. There is a karaoke event planned for tonight at Bayoko Bar so we might wander along to make fools of ourselves!

We struggle every day to remember all of the names of people who have crossed our paths over the years...and suddenly appear before us with smiling faces!...strange names that are not common in Canada...Evgenia, Sotiris, Panos, Yorgia, Haritini, Fotula, Fabio, Yorgos, Buket, Shukru, Tuna, Aerati, Kalliroi, Vassiliki, Baz, Yiannis, Mata, Zoi, Niovi...the list is endless...a constant challenge for our memories!

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