Thursday, April 27, 2017

More arrivals

We finished the gift bags yesterday morning before my scheduled Greek lesson.

 Penelopi is very patient with me. We spent 1 1/2 hours going over the various ways to say "hello"
and testing my memory with the verb "to be". Obviously I should know these things by now but there are variations that I didn't know.

When I returned to the apartment we were trying to decide what to do for the evening when Carmen appeared with five Dutch friends. They were all meeting Baz and 12 other Dutch folks for dinner but she didn't have room in her car for all of them. So...we joined them, taking two in our car. The meal was delicious and we discovered new friendships in the group!

Back at Jazzmin we were pleased to see that Mary had arrived from India. Introductions were made with our new Dutch friends and before long we were being serenaded with lovely guitar music.

Today we will welcome more arrivals to the island for the festivities!

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