Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Suffice to say that it is much easier to be "away" than to deal with the reality of being "home". A couple of address changes resulted in the non-delivery of our pension T4's to the current "home" address (i.e.) my sister's house in Cloverdale. So...we decided to visit the Service Canada office in downtown Vancouver yesterday after our Doctor appointments. Following a forty minute wait we spent another half hour with an agent who finally gave us personal access codes to our pension & income tax info. Then we were able to register on their computers and print duplicate T4's for our 2016 government pension income...another long process. Over two hours later we walked out of the building...heads spinning.

Thanks to a vehicle break-in, smashed window and dead battery during our last two month absence...we spent several hours today with BCAA (charging the battery), Speedy Glass vacuuming the broken glass from the vehicle's interior, Speedy Glass having to charge the battery again(they didn't have jumper cables so we had to wait for their slow charger to work) and driving around for another 2 hours to ensure that the battery was juiced up.

Tomorrow (if the car will start) we have to take it back to Speedy Glass for window replacement.

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