Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter eve

Still unable to bring photos into my blog but I will continue with updates.

Last night we went for dinner to Pyrgo's small restaurant in Arkesini with Kalliroi and Vassiliki. It is a charming family place with delicious home cooked dishes. We were joined by the two young directors of an upcoming stage production...The Cherry Orchard which has a cast of 23 locals in the performance. The play will be staged in a campground at the port...many challenges!

On our return trip to Chora we stopped at the small village of Vroutsi to watch the church service that prefaces the resurrection. Everyone was dressed in finery, held long tapered candles and listened to the priest chant until the magic moment when fireworks exploded overhead and almost deadened our eardrums forever!

In Chora we joined a full house at Jazzmin for Magaritsa, the traditional Easter soup. Theo's mother had made two with goat's innards and one with just mushrooms. Andonis, the DJ, played  loud un-Easter type music as we sampled the soups and drank our wine.

By 2:00am we finally left the group to party without us and headed home for a good sleep.

I think that we are finally altering our internal clocks to Greek time. Slept until after 10am when the church bells woke us. Non stop bell ringing allows the children to stand in line at each of the churches while they take turns ringing the bells in a cacophonous rhythmn. Between their turns with the bells they will disturb the peace further with fireworks through the next few days.

Later today we will join in a feast of goat....grilled, roasted, Aegialis.

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