Monday, May 9, 2016

Aegean Writing group

Our writing group gathered again yesterday morning to share the products of our creative minds.
Kalliroi, Theodosia, Elena, John (Leicester), Mary, John and myself
met on the upper terrace of Jazzmin, warmed by the morning sun.

A honey topped latte for Theodosia

We ended the session with a "write-around" that produced
many guffaws and chuckles.


A calliope steams the air with poetry
marshmallows explode in showers of gaiety
the circus is in town

Tattoos are etched into desert dunes
as syncophants simper slippery tunes
the circus is in town

Tightropes stretch between comical clowns
while jugglers jiggle in giggly gowns
the circus is in town

Cotton candy laced with Spanish Fly
makes camels swoon and monkeys try
the circus is in town

Rainbow mirages bounce and spin
on a trampoline of sandy sin
the circus is in town

The fat lady dances with a two legged dog
as balloons are attached to a whirligig frog
the circus is in town

Fairy dust gathers between cotton toes
floating near a sunset of pearly rose
the circus is in town.

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