Saturday, May 28, 2016

Happy Birthday!!

Happy 79th Birthday to my sweet man!

Here we are in Amsterdam! The weather forecast was very gloomy with rain, thunder and storms predicted for our entire visit but today we were thrilled to enjoy a sunny day. The sun warmed us as we shared a birthday breakfast at a canal cafe...delicious ham & cheese croissants with tea & coffee.

For four hours we wandered through streets lined with shops, cafes and thousands of bicycles. Finally we decided that it was time for a rest so we hopped on Tram Line no.2 and rode to the stop nearest our hotel (almost at the airport). When we disembarked we joined a British couple who guided us along a beautiful pathway to the hotel...about a 10 minute walk. It was like a walk in the countryside, lined with natural vegetation, the air scented by wild flowers.

Our hotel is unique, exhibiting artwork by Dutch artists on a rotational basis every 3 months.

These fish were embellished with bottle caps!

It is hard to tell where the mural ends and reality begins!

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