Monday, May 16, 2016


How to celebrate a birthday on Amorgos!

1. Win a morning backgammon competition while sipping on a latte
that is decorated with a heart shaped froth of milk.

2. Receive a gift from our friend.

3. Swim in turquoise waters.

4. Lunch on roasted lamb and Greek salad.

5. Receive flowers from my landlady.

6. Nap.

7. Share a scrumptious dinner with friends
and receive many thoughtful gifts.

Kalliroi cooking my birthday dinner.

George made birthday bread!

The dinner party-18 people around the tables

The dinner party - so many beautiful people!

Michael Anne brought a gorgeous homemade birthday cake
surrounded in bougainvillaea blossoms.

We are truly blessed to have so many generous friends on this island!
I promised to hold my age at 22 years forever!!

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