Friday, May 6, 2016

After the rain and ferries

After the rain there was a brilliant rainbow this morning as we walked up to Jazzmin Cafe/Bar for our morning coffee. To our surprise...Jazzmin was empty! Theo told us that everyone left the island! What! Apparently there was a strike called by the Panhellenic Seamen's Federation in conjunction with the Public Sector Union. This meant that if you needed or wanted to leave the island before next had to leave this morning! The unions are protesting against the government's social security reforms that will voted in Parliament on Sunday. The proposals include a national pension of 384 euros per month after 20 years of service and many more changes to taxation. A major demonstration will take place in Athens on Sunday, May 8th. There will not be another ferry to the island before May 11th!!! Meanwhile, teachers who have not returned to the island from their Easter break, will not be here for the re-opening of school so classes will be cancelled and preparation for important exams will be delayed.

On another note...the skies are turning blue and everything is starting to dry out from the downpour.

All of the buildings and pathways were washed clean by the rain.

The whitewashed buildings shine blue with the dampness.

A window to the sky

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