Sunday, May 29, 2016

Birthday dinner

Last night we were treated to a special birthday dinner for John. 
Bart picked us up at the hotel and we met Dorothea and Lilya at a small cafe 
for a glass of wine before walking to the restaurant.

Enroute, Lilya posed with an invisible musician!

The weather continued to be beautiful all day and evening despite dire weather predictions. 
At the restaurant we sat outside and shared Turkish dishes...delicious!

Lilya with her pens!
She is an accomplished artist at the age of ten years!

Instead of a birthday cake, they brought a large plate of fruit
decorated with a wild fireworks display.

It was almost midnight when we boarded the tram for our return to the Hotel. 
The pathway was very well lit and we had no problems finding our way. 
Lights out...heads on our pillows by 1:00am.

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