Sunday, May 29, 2016

Revisiting our last day in Athens

I just realized that I didn't mention a couple of fun events in Athens 
so I will do a flashback to our visit with Andronikos and Vasiliki.

Andronikos owns this beautiful jewelry shop in Athens near the Acropoli Museum.

We met both of them on Amorgos where Andronikos graciously
allowed John to win several games of backgammon.

He designed this shop several years ago and creates contemporary fun pieces.
After viewing the eclectic displays we joined them for dinner at a small Italian restaurant.

The next morning they met us at the hotel, with breakfast goodies in a bag.
We walked over to the National Gardens to watch the beginning of the Historic Rally of Greece.

Among the competing vehicles were MG's, Jags, Mercedes, Porsches and many others.

My Karman Ghia was among the competitors!

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