Sunday, May 29, 2016

An expensive coffee??

This morning we met Bert for coffee near the Van Gogh Museum. It was great to see him again and share stories about our lives since we saw him three years ago. He owns a company that specializes in voices for commercials. His network of "voices" spans the globe...most recently hiring a young voice in Colorado for an advertising campaign.

When the bill arrived we insisted on paying. 
When the server handed me the credit card machine 
I noticed that the amount exceeded my expectations!!!!

She was as shocked as I was by the amount.
We all had a chuckle while she figured out what to do.
I told her not to worry...there was no way that amount would be approved!
Finally, to simplify matters...Bert paid in cash!

After sharing goodbye hugs with Bert we wandered toward FOAM photography gallery.
An interesting exhibition depicted the migrant camp near Calais.

Rock tree near Rjiksmuseum.

Wooden boxes full of used books at a market near the Museum.


Our day ended with dinner in the hotel and heads on the pillow very early.

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