Sunday, May 1, 2016

Easter Sunday

What can I say except that we are exhausted and the Greeks will be partying for many more hours! There is a food fatigue combined with an alcoholic over consumption blended with social fatigue. Having to make continual conversation has worn me out!!

Fireworks exploded overhead last night after midnight and we thought that the roof would collapse. It was almost possible to reach up and touch the colourful display! The church bells rang for over an hour before everyone settled down to eat the traditional soup.

At 9:00am this morning the church bells started again and will continue to be rung by the village children throughout the week. Around 2:30pm we drove north to Tholaria and Aegiali for lamb & goat!

In Tholaria we found Manolis ringing the church bells.

At Falafel, in Aegiali , we found Panos roasting a lamb!

Noki and Ophelia enjoying the Easter lamb at Falafel.
It was a delicious meal...enjoyed by about 25 people...including us!

From Falafel we were invited to Amorgialos for another dinner.
The guys are sampling the goat as it comes off the skewer.

Christos, our host at Amorgialos, carving the goat.

At least 30-40 gathered around the long table at Amorgialos for our second delicious dinner.

Junior was convinced to eat a small portion of brain!

It is about 10:00pm on Easter Sunday. Fireworks are still exploding around us. Live music is drifting down to us from the taverna above. When we left Jazzmin Cafe/Bar at 9:30pm people were just starting to arrive. The music and dancing and drinking will continue into the early morning hours but we are off to bed soon in an effort to recover from the last 2-3 days!

Humans aren't the only ones to enjoy the flavours of Easter!

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