Friday, May 13, 2016

Banking and cooking

Our friend asked me to make a deposit at the Bank for him yesterday morning. There is only one Bank on the island so it is usually very busy. In the past there was a lot of confusion as you tried to figure out who was next to be served. Now, the process has been updated. First, there are two doors for entry. A buzzer allows you into the entry area and after the first door closes (for security reasons) the second door opens to let you inside. On the right there is a ticket machine that gives you a number and tells you how many minutes you will wait. Above the cashier is a digital display that shows the number of the customer being served....all very up to date!!! ticket said that I would have an 8 minute wait...which turned into 20 minutes. The cashier was very friendly. The first question she asked me was "What is your father's first name?" I thought for a minute, trying to decide which father's name to give her and finally said "William". The next question was "What is your telephone number?" Hmmmh! "I don't have one!" She frowned a little and concentrated before asking "What is your friend's phone number?" Hmmmh! "I don't know!"It isn't easy to remember phone numbers when you don't have a phone and never phone your friends!!
Then she asked "Do you know the first name of your friend's father?" OMG! I could picture him in my mind but couldn't remember his name. Meanwhile I was thinking....come on!...I am giving you money, not asking to take money!!! Finally she said "Okay...sign here" and we were done!

I cooked dinner for our group of twelve last night...Moroccan chickpeas and curried veggies. Dagmar helped by making a huge salad that filled two large bowls.

We managed to navigate around each other while prepping veggies and handling four pots on the stovetop. Michael Anne brought a Greek version of Nanaimo Bars for dessert and Junior supplied the wine! It was another successful group dinner!

The cheerful display that greets us every day outside our door!

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