Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Last night, after a lengthy nap, we managed to find the energy for a drive to Aegiali where we enjoyed some appies and wine at Christos'...the same place where we had Easter dinner.

After our minimal meal we drove up to Seladi Bar in Tholaria. Georgia, the owner, was celebrating her "name day" and we joined friends for a glass of wine before driving back to Chora...another late night!

The bell ringing gave me a headache today and I finally asked our landlady if anyone in the village ever told the children to stop! She said "den berazi"(don't worry)...it will all be over tomorrow. Ten minutes later it was quiet!

Tonight we said goodbye to several women who will leave on the ferry tomorrow morning.
These happy faces have greeted us each day of their visit.
We will miss them!

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