Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A long walk and fresh squid

Yesterday morning was consumed with a successful search for accommodations in Skopje, Nis and Novi Sad. Theo and I made the choices and booked rooms for one night in each location at the start of our Balkan adventures. After those three nights we will join the others in Belgrade before six of us journey to Sarajevo.

The relentless winds continue to buffet us but the sun is still shining and the winds are not cold so this morning we decided to go for a long walk to test our resilience. Whew!! We dragged ourselves into Mino's Taverna in Katapola after 1 1/2 hours and gorged ourselves on taramasalata(fish egg pate), horiatiki(Greek salad) with mizithra(fresh, soft goat cheese) and fresh calamari(squid) as well as a kilo of water. It was so good!
Some images along the way:

Now it is nap time because we are driving north tonight
for a late group dinner in Tholaria at Kali Kardia.

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