Saturday, October 1, 2016

Arrival on Paros

It was another rough night of "non-sleep". We were both awake at 4:30am and waiting for our 6:30am taxi to the port. Aboard the Blue Star Delos, a huge ferry, we settled outside on deck to watch the sunrise as we sailed from Piraeus. There were hundreds of Asian tourists onboard who entertained us with their constant selfies and posing for multiple group shots beside us.

Almost 4 1/2 hours later we landed on the island of Paros and dragged our bags down to Alexandra's Rooms. After a short delay to finish cleaning the rooms we were ensconced in a room at the back of the complex...a good idea because we were sheltered from the drone of mopeds and loud vehicles.

John immediately fell into a deep sleep while I struggled with the after effects of consuming a cola while waiting for the room to be cleaned! Not a good idea!

Around 6:30pm we were both ready to tackle the outside world of this port. We have spent many days here in the past so we followed our memory to an amazing little balcony where we could watch the sunset while sipping a glass of red wine.

This location should bring back memories to Heather & Chris!!


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