Saturday, October 15, 2016

Another day

It was a small group for dinner last night...only 10 people. The dinner was a success and I was forced to share the dessert between about 16 people. It was the easiest apple crumble that I have ever made! Rachile was an invaluable assistant in the kitchen. Unfortunately I forgot to take photos in the busyness of meal prep and eating!!

Village bougainvillaea is still in summer mode.
The wind howled all day!

Tonight we drove to Arkesini to see the movie "The Life of Pi" and drove all the way back without seeing it because we couldn't stand the idea of sitting on school chairs in the local school for over 2 hours! Later we joined friends at the bar and I found myself wondering if we knew a couple that was sitting in the corner. Finally, as we were leaving, I asked the woman if we had met. She wrapped me in a huge hug and reminded me that we made Easter soup together 9 years ago. Since then she has became an accomplished artist in the San Francisco area. Wow!!! We will meet again tomorrow night for the "Full Moon" disco celebration.

Tomorrow I am taking a visiting artist from Holland on a guided tour of the north. We will visit Lanagada and Tholaria before returning to Chora in time for the wedding.

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