Sunday, October 16, 2016

Langada and a wedding

Today I met with Meriam, a Dutch artist from Germany, and took her to the villages in the north of the island. We started in Langada at the tiniest church on the island.

Meriam entering the tiny church.

Meriam standing inside...she is my height!

From Langada we climbed up to Panagia Epanochoriani.

Inside the church there were many gifts hanging below the icons...

...and a very poor repair of an ancient painting!

We arrived back in Chora just in time to see the wedding procession gather.

These girls led the procession after the musicians.

Apparently Greeks have "shotgun" weddings too!!

Grandma watching as the bride leaves the house.

The musicians led the bride and her father
followed by many wedding guests through the village to the church.

The ceremony lasted 1 1/4 hours before the church bells were rung.
A perfect day for a wedding!

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