Thursday, October 20, 2016

Elephants, spooning, dancing & watering

OMG! Elephants on our bed!!!

Angie at Jazzmin

Last night we had a "spooning" contest as a farewell to Rahel (Raqile)

I participated in the competition...

...but Mata was the definite champion, managing to capture the spoon
from her nose with her tongue, turn it in her mouth
and return it to her nose!!! Bravo!

With a DJ in charge of music, John couldn't resist
and took to the dance floor with Kallyroi.

It was a very late night for our group of spooners and dancers!!

This morning I returned to Jehane and Molly's old house in Kolofana
with Mata and Trefonus to water the garden for the new tenant.

With a single hose, low water pressure and three watering cans
we managed to keep about 50 planted pots and two plots of veggies & herbs alive!
At least we gave it our best attempt for 1 1/2 hours. 

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