Sunday, October 9, 2016

Swimming & writing

Another hot day on the island with very little wind so I headed for the beach again...six times in seven days!! Unfortunately too many people had the same idea! There were 14 sunbathers and swimmers on the tiny rocky beach at Agia Anna...barely enough space for all of our towels. The water was amazing...the sun was complaints!

Lucas visited Jazzmin this morning with his parents
and spent some time on the knee of Theo, one of his Godfathers.

The Aegean Writing group met last night and shared writings that originated with the prompt: The past is a foreign country. Wow! There were only four of us at this gathering but the writings were very diverse and amazing! We impressed ourselves! There seems to be an urgency to meet more often, at least twice a week, so we will gather the group again on Tuesday or Wednesday.

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