Friday, October 7, 2016

Five days in the Aegean!

This is better than August weather! Amazing! Today I met two young mermaids in the sea. They swam over from the rocks to welcome me...long hair floating like seaweed behind them...true beauties!

We have finally booked the first leg of our November travels...flying from Athens to Thessaloniki on November 5th with Ryan Air...17 euros each for the one hour flight. The International Film Festival will be running so during three days in Thessaloniki we will see some movies, share some meals and wander the streets of this city.

On November 8th we will begin travelling north, passing through Skopje in Macedonia enroute to Nis and Belgrade in Serbia. Two friends from Amorgos and two friends from Turkey will join us in time!! After two nights in Belgrade we will hop on a bus to Sarajevo in Bosnia before travelling further south into Montenegro and Albania with short stops in each country. Around November 25th we will re-enter Northern Greece and make our way back to Athens for the flight back to Vancouver on November 29th.

Our friend John Cook (also known as JUNIOR) created this drawing
to illustrate John's displeasure with all of the electronic devices
that distract us from "true" connections.

After another incredible sunset...
we enjoyed an unusual dinner tonight...lamb & spaghetti!

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