Sunday, October 30, 2016

Time change

It was a beautiful day yesterday...warm, sunny, summery! We arrived for lunch on the terrace at Jazzmin and wondered why Theo wasn't in the kitchen preparing food. He brought us drinks and we sat in the sun...telling stories and laughing while my stomach rumbled in hunger. Finally he turned to me and asked what the time was...explaining that the clocks were turned back last night! We had no idea!

One of the cats that wants to live with us.
She is trying to decide whether to attempt the jump into our bedroom window!

The writing group met at Elena's last night with two visiting teachers included. The teacher from France was interested in participating and was very clever with words. After writing we joined them for a glass of wine at Jazzmin and they both shared some stories about the schools where they teach and the problems that teachers in both Greece and France are facing. At his school in France the students and staff have been trained in procedures to follow during a terrorist attack. It is prohibited to touch a student. In Greece the teachers face other problems with lack of discipline and behavioural issues.

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