Friday, October 14, 2016

Wedding party, socks and cabbage rolls

There is a huge wedding this weekend in Chora. "THE BED" is being prepared next door to our building. Floating fabric and flowers decorate the entrance. Visitors came last night to leave gifts of money and to party into the wee hours! We were awake off and on all night! It was so much better to hear traditional music without electrical amplification in the past! The wedding itself is on Sunday and everyone on the island is invited. Pasteli (honey sesame bars) has been made...3500 pieces using 90 kilos of honey and 90 kilos of sesame seeds!!!!!

John went to the local gym last night...his first gym visit in three weeks and he is paying for it. The reward was to sit with a glass of wine and watch another beautiful sunset.

Driving back to Chora we decided that a salad dinner at Parvas would be a perfect meal.

There are photo tributes to the original owner on the wall
and the current owners continue with his tradition of making
fried potatoes from frozen fries here.

After a sleepless night we visited Jazzmin for our morning coffee.

I am almost ready to start turning the heel on my new socks!

It is finally my turn to cook at Jazzmin tonight so I have boiled the cabbage and cooked the rice for cabbage rolls. After my nap I will roll them up and place them in a large pan to be transported to the bar. Rachile will help me in the kitchen around 7:00pm to prepare the rest of the dinner...rosemary baby potatoes, a medley of carrots & sweet potatoes and an apple cobbler. Once again the number of diners is a mystery...anywhere from 10-20!...hoping to eat around 8:30pm. Hah!!

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