Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Kali Kardia (Good Heart)

It was another sunny hot day on Amorgos with blue skies and an inviting sea. The morning included travel discussions with Mata for our Balkan trip. I will share more info when we make final decisions but it was interesting to hear the research that she has done on several of the locations that we will pass through.

Trefonous rests at the feet of Sandra and Mata.

In the afternoon we visited our favourite Tholaria cafenion for lunch. Kiria Plito and her son greeted us with hugs & kisses before they disappeared into the kitchen to prepare the food.

Inside Kali Kardia is a flashback to the years when this was the only
place to buy groceries, have a coffee and share gossip.

The fried potatoes were sliced by Mikalis (the son), the kefthedis (meat balls) were moulded
by Kiria Plito's arthritic hands and the fava was also made by her. 
A simple and delicious meal!

The sandy beach at Aegiali was waiting when we drove down for an afternoon dip! Amazing!

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