Monday, October 3, 2016

We're here!

We're here! How many homes can a person have?...I don't know... but this is definitely one of our homes!!

The ferry finally pulled into the port of Katapola at 3:30am. We managed to find the orange Fiat Panda that Evi had left for us and made the drive up to Chora at the tail end of a chain of vehicles that had met the ferry. It was tempting to leave our luggage in the car until later but John insisted on carrying it to the stepped pathway and we "muscled" it to the apartment.

On the table, waiting for us were two bowls of freshly made, aromatic, rice pudding sprinkled with cinnamon, a bottle of homemade rakomelo and cookies! On the bed was Maria's favourite towel arrangement of swans kissing with bougainvillaea lips!

It was after 4:00am when our heads finally touched the pillows but sleep was elusive...a half hour of sleep, forty five minutes awake...until 9:00am when we decided to get up, get dressed and walk up to Jazzmin for breakfast.

It seemed like only yesterday that we gave everyone a goodbye we were surrounded again by welcoming hugs. My coffee arrived with a heart shape carved into the milky foam and our poached eggs had capers for nipples!

A special presentation by "Big Theo".

After hearing stories about the summer we walked down to Bayoko for hugs with Anna and Penelope. Anna is teaching English to groups of school children now and Penelope will become my Greek teacher when I have recovered from jet lag sufficiently to have a functioning brain cell!

Finally, on this hot (32 degrees) October day it was time for a swim at Agia Anna. John accompanied me down the staired pathway and sat beside the small church to watch as I slipped into the clear turquoise water. It was heavenly...and felt like silk!

Desperate for nap time ...we closed the curtains before 3:00pm and were soon asleep...awake and refreshed by 6:00pm we enjoyed a glass of wine at Jazzmin before walking down to Parvas for grilled mackerel, broccoli salad and several other dishes with Theo, Konstandinas, Mata and Elena.

It is 11:25pm...can't keep my eyes open...time for bed!!

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