Monday, October 31, 2016


The weather changed dramatically this morning. On our way to Jazzmin it started to rain and continued with rain and high winds until around 6pm. Whew! The temperature dropped and we shivered for most of the day.

A few minutes after arriving at Jazzmin the power went out and kept blinking on and off throughout the morning. Fortunately Theo has a small gas camp stove and was able to prepare coffee and tea for us at the bar and cook eggs in the kitchen on the gas stove.

Delicious breakfast of local eggs and tomatoes, capers and olives.
The small red peppers had quite a bite!

Later in the day we both climbed into bed to get warm before John made his visit to the gym. There is no heating in the apartment. The winds tomorrow are forecast to be even stronger than they were today so we are happy that we're not on the sea tomorrow. Mata gave me a jacket for the Balkan trip and I was very happy to wear it tonight...along with two shirts, leotards and socks! Yikes!

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